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Are you looking for unique and yet functional travel gifts for that nomadic friend in your life? Something that’s going to be useful and not end up on a closet shelf.

My closet has its share of travel gifts that are either impractical or unnecessary. That’s why we picked travel items we have or would like to have for our own travels. Whether your special person is traveling for business or pleasure, we think the travel gifts below are those any traveler would be happy to receive…and which will easily fit your gift budget.

Suitcase filled with sports balls, GoRoamin Travel blogRemember, the most usable travel gifts will always be those that are collapsible and/or smaller than a football. Skip the ever popular (and boring) money belt and go for one of these low-cost gift ideas that are sure to impress.



10 BEST TRAVEL GIFTS – $15 to $50


1. The LifeStraw Go Personal Filtered Water Bottle

This travel gift is a must-have for any traveler, particularly if going outside the country. This incredible water bottle cleans up to 99.9% of LifeStraw Go22 water filter bottle, GoRoamin travel gifts blog 2017bacteria and waterborne parasites that can be quite common in some travel destinations. You simply scoop up some water and then sip clean water through the straw.

This amazing LifeStraw bottle has a carbon filter that not only reduces odor but also filters off chlorine and ensures zero aftertaste. Ideal for traveling, hiking, and even emergency disaster situations when clean water is not available. Most impressive is that this bottle is affordable at only $35. I can vouch for this one personally, and if I’m ever a contestant on Survivor, or Naked and Afraid, I’m taking the LifeStraw along as my one personal item.

2. The Anker PowerCore

Smartphones, cameras and a slew of other portable gadgets are indispensable for most travelers. There’s nothing quite as frustrating as running low on power when you need it. And for those of us who combine travel and business, a continued source of power is critical.Powerbank, GoRoamin Travel gifts blog

That makes this dynamic little power source a must have. Although the Anker PowerCore is the size of a credit card, just a little bit thicker, and weighs less than a can of soup, it can fully charge an android Smartphone up to three times! I’m so impressed. This little power bank is unbelievably affordable at $35.99, and truly one of the most useful travel gifts out there.

3. AMBOR Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Portuseful travel gifts, GoRoamin travel blog

One of the best and most useful travel gifts because ― even though we have other power sources to charge our smartphone when we run low, we can always use one more. Especially when the power source comes attached to an attractive, ergonomically designed, anti-theft  backpack that has lots of storage space. Made of durable, nylon waterproof fabric, this awesome pack comes with a USB cable, a lock, and headphones, too. And…the power source is removable for washing if necessary. With numerous pockets in this attractive backpack you’ll have plenty of room for not only your laptop, but all your electronics and valuables. The anti-theft zipper of the main pocket is fully hidden to keep your valuable items safe and secure. I love the ergonomic design which ensures the dispersion of gravity when the bag is full. The wider S-shaped padded shoulder straps can help relieve shoulder pressure. In addition, with a flat bottom and a luggage strap holder in the back, you can easily slide it over the suitcase’s upright handle when you don’t want to carry anything. This easy-to-handle size is great for all travelers from children to grandparents. The biggest surprise is that the AMBOR laptop backpack is under $30. Now that’s a deal. 

4. Pro Packing Cubes

Packing and unpacking—a necessary, but time-consuming task for most travelers. The good news is that there are ways toPacking cubes, useful travel gifts, GoRoamin travel blog make this chore a little easier for your adventuresome friends. No traveler wants to go out and buy something else to put into their sure-to-be overflowing suitcase. That makes Packing Cubes perfect travel gifts.

Packing cubes are generally square-shaped, featherweight nylon bags that let you pack like items together. All underwear and socks in one place. They’re also great for keeping your laundry separate. Pro Packing Cubes not only makes organizing your suitcase easier, but also helps keep items compressed so you can fit more inside. With these cubes, you’re not adding something to the suitcase, you’re actually making more room. I’m a roll and go packer, which keeps things from wrinkling, but using the cubes, I can keep items separate and I don’t have to dig to the bottom of the suitcase to find anything. I simply lift out the cube I want. Easy peasy. What traveler doesn’t want easy! You’ll find a wide range of prices, but most quality brands sell at a price between $20 to $50. Pro Packing Cubes are definitely my favorite. I have the blue six-piece set for under $40.

5. The Anti-Frizz Travel Towel

Woman with no-frizz towel, GoRoamin travel gifts blogGirl thing…but for guys, too. Great for the wash and go crowd, and especially useful in humid climates. Great because it’s the snuggliest of microfiber hair towels that help prevent frizz, unlike the usual terrycloth. The DevaCurl’s luxurious, smooth microfiber texture dries curls while enhancing curl shape…without causing frizz.

Plus, the larger 20” X 39”size makes it easier to dry every curl thoroughly. Those of us with a lot of hair appreciate that it’s big enough to wrap around your whole head…and yet, it rolls up so small it’s easily stowable in a tiny corner of your suitcase. The under $20 price is the proverbial frosting on the cake.

6. BagPodz: The Best Little Reusable Travel Carryall Bag That Practically Disappears in Your Suitcase.

When you’re staying in a nice Airbnb, or even a nice hotel, most travelers still want the ability to bring in some munchies. We like to do this a lot, so imagine my surprise the first time I went overseas and discovered the grocery stores didn’t provide grocery bags. I was delighted to discover BagPodz. The pod holds five eco-friendly,  tiny yet roomy, lightweight bags, and takes up zero space in your suitcase. They bags are colorful and ready to be carried on impromptu visits to the farmer’s market, the beach, or to the grocery store.

This BagPodz is easily stuffed in a pocket, purse, glove box or suitcase. Each bag is deceptively strong and carries up to 50 pounds, and when it gets dirty, simply toss it in the washing machine. This one retails at a ridiculous price of under $25. Okay, I know this seems like a girl thing, but guys love it, too. It’s very European and, you know, when you go roamin’ anything goes.

7. The Brand New Roll & Go Travel Pillow: I want one!

woman sleeping on small pillow, GoRoamin Travel BlogA must-have for your frequent flyer friends. This brand new Go Travel Pillow has all the benefits of the MyPillow standard pillow. It has multiple purposes and even rolls into its own pillow case for easy packing and carrying. With a supportive, adjustable, Patented Open Cell Poly Fill that keeps the pillow cool, it’s lightweight and compact (12X18) and easily slips into your suitcase or carry on.

Great for travel by plane, train or automobile. Use it for lumbar support while at your desk, use it on top of, or instead of, hotel pillows. Or use it on the couch while lounging at home. Easily washable and dryable, this little gem also comes in ten stylish colors. And it’s under $25. Did I say I want one!

8. Zero Grid Compact Travel Umbrella with a Flashlight Handle

Couple under umbrella in the rain, GoRoamin travel gifts blogWith this compact travel umbrella to light the way, getting caught in the rain at night in a strange locale has never been more fun. Using this umbrella with its integrated rotating LED flashlight handle, your traveler friend will have ample light at any moment. The canopy opens and closes automatically with the push of a button.

It’s lightweight and compact (down to 12 inches)  and is constructed of durable stainless steel and fiberglass. This amazing travel Umbrella is built to withstand Force 10 winds up to 55 MPH…and it blocks harmful sun rays, perfect for travel, hiking, walking the dog or playing golf. I love mine, and for the budget-conscious, the under $25 price, is worth every penny.

9. The FitKit: Total fitness on the road:

FitKit exercise travel gifts, GoRoamin travel blogI bet you think traveling is enough exercise all on its own. Every traveler wants to believe that, but unless your jet-setting friend is into active sports vacations, there’s also a lot of sitting on trains, planes and other forms of transportation, lots of eating and drinking and just plain relaxing.

Many of us will not burn up all the calories we consume when traveling, nor will we exercise the right muscles. The FitKit is the perfect answer, combining all the tools for a total body workout in a sleek, portable case. It’s your frequent flyer friend’s anytime, anywhere fitness solution…without the cost of gym fees. This compact kit also includes an emergency ID tag to provide critical medical information in the event of an injury…and there’s more. Under $40.

10. The Tribit Xsound ultra-portable wireless Bluetooth phone speaker.

Music lovers dancing on the beach, GoRoamin travel gifts blogFor the Music Loving Traveler! I love this one. It’s great for picnics on the banks of the Seine or hanging out on the balcony of your music lover’s Air B&B rental unit in Rome. He’ll have up to 12 hours of HD clear music anywhere he wants with this Bluetooth speaker that provides strong bass, stereo rock sound with built-in 10W dual speakers.

This amazing little unit also has a built-in rechargeable 2600 MAh battery emergency power bank that will charge cell phones indoors or out. The unique design has a built in MIC and will hold the phone for hands free phone calls…and for all that movin’ and groovin’ to the music. It comes in four colors, it’s ultra-portable and budget-friendly at a retail price under $35.

11. Surprise pick: How did I live without this! The Universal International Travel Power Adapter is the perfect solution for those outlet deprived European hotel rooms. We just used this powerful International Power Adapter during our seven country European tour and were able to USB charger/electrical converter GoRoamin travel blogUSB charger/electrical converter GoRoamin travel blogcharge both phones, our GoPro and laptop all at once. And there was room for more. This amazing little guy has settings for 3.4A 3 USB & 1 Type-C, for UK, EU, US, AUS, and More 170 Countries. This one compact converter is all your jetsetting travel friend needs on his next adventure. Best yet, it’s ultra budget priced at under $20.



12. Surprise pick #2: The RFID protected neck-wallet passport holder. I know I said forget the money belt, but this neck-wallet passport and money holder is too good to pass up. Mainly because its RFID Blocking protection is sewn throughout the pouch, so you can travel and not worry about someone scanning your cards to pick your pocket. I also like that it’s lightweight and made of water resistant nylon, because who doesn’t get caught in the rain?RFDI Neck wallet, GoRoamin travel gifts blog

This handy little wallet has multiple pockets with hidden zippers and Velcro closures for your Smartphone, money, passport, and other identification, charge cards and airline tickets. And yet it’s still slim enough to wear under your clothing. Even better, it has a one-year warranty and it’s yours for under $20.

13. Surprise pick #3: YES!! I can’t resist sharing when I have something so cool, I think every traveler should have one! GoRoamin Adventure Popsocket I love my new GoRoamin phone grip and stand; it’s not only mega useful for taking selfies and keeping a more secure grip on your cell phone while texting, this little gem also shows your adventurous side. With new designs coming all the time, you can choose from three different collections: the “PAWS” pet series, the “ADVENTURE” series, or the iconic GoRoamin logo.Cell phone grip & stand, GoRoamin Travel Blog A great gift or stocking-stuffer for your jetsetter friends or even a present for yourself. It lays flat, and pops out twice for a perfect fit in your hand and it’s compatible with iPhones, Androids, and tablets. The under $15 price should make it even more irresistible.

For unique travel gifts that will actually get used, I don’t think you can go wrong with any of these great gifts. And your jetsetter friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

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