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I Haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”  ~~Susan Sontag


Welcome to our travel and adventure blog. We are Linda and Chuck, lifelong passionate travelers. We’ve traveled to nearly three dozen countries, 48 of the United States, and scores of cities worldwide…and we’re not stopping any time soon.

Travel to Charlevoix, MI Linda & Chuck GoRoamin

Linda & Chuck GoRoamin’ in Charlevoix, Michigan

We’re empty nesters living our travel dreams. But we didn’t sell off everything and hit the road with only a backpack to do it.

Our travels began years ago. We kept the jobs, raised the kids, and focused on travel after work, on weekends, and when on vacation.

We’ve learned how to experience the world in spurts, with a little or a lot of time, but most important, we learned how to make travel an integral part of our lives, at any age, and how to do it comfortably…without breaking the bank.

How We Like to Travel

We’re adventuresome and active, but we like soft adventures, not three weeks in the outback with nothing but a toothbrush. You won’t find us bungee jumping off the tallest bridge in China or rappelling down the highest building in the world in Dubai. If we ever decide we want that level of scary we’ll apply to be the oldest dating couple on The Amazing Race.

Travel adventures in Paris France

Paris, France (not too obvious, is it?)

Instead, you might find us kayaking on the Mississippi, zip-lining in Costa Rica, hiking the Cinque Terre in Italy, or exploring the back streets of Paris on a bicycle. We’ve gone camel riding in Morocco, climbed Chichen Itza in the Yucatan, and toasted the Millennium on New Year’s Eve on the streets of Paris.

Mostly we like independent adventures, but if a tour fits a trip we have in mind, we might do that, too. We’re music and culture lovers. We like to hike. We love local festivals, farmer’s markets, and intimate bistros in out of the way destinations. We’re fueled by caffeine and a bit obsessed with street food. So you can be sure we’ll include fun food, craft beers and good wines wherever and whenever we can.

 Why a Travel Blog?

Because travel is a huge part of our lives, and we love to connect with others who have similar curiosity and passion to experience the world. Our goal with GoRoamin’ is to share our love of travel through authentic destination stories and travel tips based on our years of experience. Most of all, we believe travel is life-changing, and we’d like to inspire you to live your travel dreams, no matter what your age. We believe in living agelessly.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.” ~~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Budget Travel or Comfort – Why Not Both?

Unless you have super fat pockets, we’re all trying to stretch that dollar. This is especially true when it comes to travel. Most of us are budget-conscious travelers looking for the best deal, but with a certain level of comfort. Chuck and I are always looking for the best travel deal, even when we want to go upscale. So, on our blog, you’ll find tips on everything from exploring cheap off-the-grid destinations to tips on luxury travel.

If you have a wanderlust and yearn to travel economically and yet comfortably, I invite you to visit our blog often for our Travel Tips as they come out…and then get out and GoRoamin.

About Linda: Have laptop will travel…

Cafe du Monde, New Orleans, LA

Beignets at Café du Monde in New Orleans.

Linda is a national bestselling author who loves to travel and loves to write. When she finally weaned herself from a 50 to 60 hour work week as a mental health professional, she began writing novels. At the same time, she worked as the editor of Arizona Highlife, a luxury travel magazine. That was 20 novels ago, and since then, she’s won several book awards, including the prestigious Daphne du Maurier Award, and has sold over a million books worldwide in over a dozen languages.

Fortunately Linda’s writing passion fits perfectly with the globetrotting gene coursing through her bloodstream. Every book idea is reason for a new trip. Every trip is research for a new book. Linda is also an amateur photographer and should have big muscles from carrying around bags of camera equipment, but she’s still pretty puny. She thanks the technology geniuses for making good cameras smaller and smaller.

About Chuck: He also has a traveling laptop…

Chuck is a structural engineer, similarly born with travel in his DNA. A stint in the U.S. Air Force…most of it on a mountain top in Northern Italy…fueled the travel fire that continues to burn today. His work as an independent contractor gives him plenty of time to see the world, but to Linda’s dismay, he was not blessed (or cursed as some might say) with the writing gene. So unless there’s a blog about math or involves some kind of computation, he’s perfectly willing to leave the travel blogging to Linda.

Traveling in Italy on the way to Pompeii

Bay of Naples, Italy (on the way to Pompeii)

Chuck also prefers to see the world without a camera attached to his forehead, which pretty much means he’s leaving the photography to Linda, too. He knows one of these days she’ll find something for him to do, but in the meantime, he’s content to be part of the think-tank and do the legwork for the next trip.


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did… 

Explore. Dream. Discover.”  

–Mark Twain


**This blog site is always a work in progress. We will be updating soon  and adding more features with more travel tips and destinations…and some of Linda’s photographs. If you’d like to see how she incorporates travel research into her novels, check out her website at www.LindaStyle.com

**We do not get paid to travel or write travel review articles for payment. The information we provide is based on personal travels and extensive research. We have a large family who seem to have inherited our travel genes, so occasionally you’ll find a guest blog  from one of our travel tribe.

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